fiction: fabrication; a deliberately false or improbable account 

the dissemination of information aimed at influencing the opinions or behaviors of people

the dissemination of intentionally false information to deliberately confuse or mislead

the gathering of a ripened crop

I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality.
This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

The 2011 GAO report on horse welfare is frequently used by slaughter supporters to support their propaganda that the closure of the slaughter plants in 2007 has caused an increase in abuse and neglect. The report is a fraud. Lest there be any doubt, since the report was supposed to cover the period AFTER the plants closed in 2007, why did they use data from 2005-2009? They hid data from 2010 and used data from 2005 & 2006.

The answer is because abuse and neglect were increasing in 2005 and 2006 (when the plants were open) and if they had they used data from 2007 to 2010, the report would have reflected a decrease. The report results were pre-determined and in order to reflect the results the GAO wanted or was asked to produce(?), the GAO had to use data from outside the report parameters. There are many other false and inaccurate statements in the report.

How the GAO Deceived Congress;
And opened the way for horse slaughter to return

This is a video summary of the GAO analysis and the peer reviewed published paper below this video.

After the analysis was completed, John Holland of Equine Welfare Alliance, along with Laura Allen of Animal Law Coalition, authored a paper, An Analysis of Factors Responsible for the Decline of the U.S. Horse Industry: Why Horse Slaughter is Not the Solution, on the real drivers of horse abuse and neglect. Their finding were published in 2013 in the peer reviewed journal, the Kentucky Journal of Equine, Agriculture & Natural Resources Law.

This is a presentation from the 2013 Equine Advocates Summit that provides information on the analysis.

The Battle for the American Horse



       For an in-your-face reality check of the misinformation and antics of slaughter
       supporters, visit Shedrow Confessions

2012 was the year the web of lies from slaughter supporters unraveled. Vickery Eckhoff is one journalist that researched extensively before going to print. The below links are a sampling of her factual articles with documented sources that are irrefutable.

WSJ Serves Up Tainted Journalism On Horse Slaughter Plate

Lobbyists Work Through Holidays to Block Humane Legislation

How Many Congressmen Does it Take to Screw a Horse? Be sure to check-out the photo gallery

Horse Slaughterhouse Investigation Sounds Food Safety and Cruelty Alarms

Saving Princess Madeline: A Racehorse's Tale

Racing Industry Silent About Slaughtered Thoroughbreds

  For her complete works to date, visit the below links:


      Huffington Post


       Here is a common example of what slaughter supporters call 'humane processing".
       This is from an undercover investigation in an EU Canadian plant that is touted
       as a "Temple Grandin designed plant."

       The plant was shut down shortly after the investigation and has since reopened. All
       the while, undercover investigations authenticated by the government continue to
       be called "fake" by slaughter supporters.

                                Caution: Extremely Graphic

                                       Day 1, Horse 33 - Shot 11 times before losing consciousness